All server expenses come out of my pocket. By donating, you can help me pay for the hardware and potentially upgrade it. The server will continue to run without donations, but donations are greatly appreciated.

*If you would like a discord donator rank, please let me know on discord.
What is the server?

b2t2.org is a minecraft 1.12.2 anarchy server, which has minimal exploits and dupes, allowing for a unique experience.

What is anarchy?
Anarchy servers are minecraft servers without rules. This means that you can hack, cheat, lie, exploit, grief and more!

Donations are greatly appreciated by us, and help us pay for the server.

First of all, all donations will give you a role on the official discord. Any donation over $5 will give you a shoutout on the discord as well as your name in the servers' tablist.

A permanent server browser message which is cycled together with many others. You can see it demonstrated by adding the server to your server list and pressing refresh a few times. This costs $2, and will stay forever. The only rule is no ads or links other than discord invites, other than that your message can contain anything.

It is also possible to buy is a custom 64x64 .png image that is displayed in the server browser. You can see it the same way you see the rotating server browser messages. This custom image costs $4 per 24 hours, and the rules for it are no gore/porn/cp.

In order to obtain a donation perk, please DM somerandomgamer#7636 on discord, with your paypal email, in order to confirm that this has happened.





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